Get Wii Games for FREE *Tutorial*

Free Wii Points
I have a Wii and was wondering where to get Wii points numbers for free. After searching far and wide I found a great site called Prize Rebel. I signed up 30 weeks ago and I have received 2 Wii Points Cards (emailed), 2 Classic Controllers, Resident Evil 4, Carnival Games, and soon Mario Kart Wii or The Hulk. I can guarantee you it’s legal, easy, quick, and all 100% free! (USA, CAN, AUS, UK only). Instant credits to your account. UK 1 point = 2$ you lucky bastards!! No credit cards needed. No minimum age. Wonder how it works? Keep reading. Its funny, when I hear people say this is a scam (they obviously haven’t tried it) but the only ones getting scammed is giant corporations trying to advertise.


Its a simple and effective site for getting whatever you want. Free Wii Points Cards, XBox Cards, Mp3 Players, whatever has $1 = 1point (UK $1=2Points cuz your dollar is strong!) for all custom requests. Let me break it down for you. Prize Rebel gets money from advertisers to generate leads(you taking a free survey) and your ‘info’ going to the advertisers to market to you. You follow? You get your Free Wii Points Card, game, etc, by giving them some information to market things to you. If your ‘info‘ is ‘not correct‘ you can still get credit for it. You’re stickin’ it to the man too by putting a fork in the wheel of mass corporate marketing and getting free wii points at the same time! How kickass is that? Now I’ll explain further.

The way this can be done successfully is to keep all your ‘not correct info‘ the same (prize rebel doesn’t even keep your address on file!). Note: you can always change your shipping info whenever you’re going to claim a prize. Your email should be a free account from Gmail or yahoo that you can sign up for in 10 seconds and be off and running in no time. Just use this email account for survey taking and logging into your prize rebel account. Then you won’t get spammed up the ass.

Your Info can be some of the following:

Misspelled name/email, right address/city/zip/phone
This will result in mail delivered to your house with the wrong name. Phone calls with the telemarketer calling for you(but always get it wrong) LOL

Misspelled name/email, right address, wrong phone
This will result in mail delivered to your house, no phone calls. Good if you want coupons or a sample.

Misspelled name/email, address and wrong phone
This will make junk mail go to someone else’s house and telemarket someone else’s phone. Good to use if you have an enemy that could use some embarrassing junk mail and phone calls 😀

Now you’re probably thinking, how will I keep track of this crap to fill out surveys for my free wii points. Well there is this great program called RoboForm. It is a FREE toolbar that manages your identities. FYI, I wouldn’t put sensitive info in it for simple local storage reasons. You don’t want sensitive info like SSNs, Bank Accounts, PayPal, Passwords etc. People CAN get it off your computer. Anyway, back to RoboForm… It manages your identity with (oops) the wrong info(hehe). Now after you sign up with Prize Rebel you can click on an offer, do what you’re supposed to do, either fill in the info and submit(about 5-10 seconds with roboform) or click through the survey and say no thanks and such(about 1 min with roboform). 90% of the offers they have will be credited to your account within 5 minutes. Few others make you wait 24 hours. 1 credit = 1 point toward prizes which include! 1 credit is equal to $1 on You just open a support ticket and request anything you want!

Now that you feel hyped about toppling mass marketing for free wii stuff, or maybe you want to spam your enemy’s house with tons of junk mail, here are the steps again.

1) get a new email account at gmail or yahoo
2) download and install RoboForm toolbar
3) sign up at PrizeRebel using same info as you put in a new ID in Roboform toolbar
4) complete offers thru prize rebel, click “Fill & Submit” in Roboform toolbar

There you go, thats how you get free wii points (or whatever) quick, legal and 100% free. I do it in my spare time and look what I got already! Why not get free wii stuff and stick it to big corporations at the same time 😀 something you can truly feel good about!
Feel free to comment or email me if you have a question about something.


2 Responses to “Get Wii Games for FREE *Tutorial*”

  1. manny Says:

    thanks for the points!

  2. Jack Says:

    Your tutorial is the best for how to get free Wii points! I got like 3 games so far and one more on the way! 2 Wii Points Cards too!

    Thanks bro

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